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We assess the client’s needs and conduct a site analysis. This is done by gathering information regarding the expected usage of the space, occupancy requirements, zoning, parking, building code requirements, and determining which type of construction is most functional and economically feasible.


Construction Documents

Detailed construction documents will be prepared and presented for review and approval. The documents, which can be used for construction and to obtain a more accurate cost, will include all architectural drawings and specifications. These documents will obtain all information required by all governing authorities that will issue permits for construction.



We prepare a graphical representation of the building site including rooms and areas located inside the building as well as depicting relationships between the building and parking. This will provide a conceptual design that will provide the client a general idea as to where the design is heading. During this phase, recommendations on construction methods and building materials will be made in order to offer a cost-effective use of client resources.


Bidding and Negotiations

At the completion of construction documents, assistance with the selection of a general contractor will be provided if requested. Once the general contractor has been selected and construction commences, the Architect shall monitor the progress.


Schematic Design


In this phase of the design process we develop construction design documents with options for the placement of buildings systems as well as lighting, doors and windows. We provide recommendations for exterior and interior finishes based on approximate cost, durability and maintenance requirements of various construction materials. We also coordinate the development of specifications and drawings from civil, structural and plumbing/ mechanical/ electrical engineers. The aesthetic qualities of the project are thoroughly discussed in order to provide the client an opportunity to understand how the building will potentially look.


Construction Administration

Construction Administration will be performed during the construction phase. Project schedules will be reviewed, progress meetings with the contractors will be conducted, and progress reports will be prepared. Each project phase will be inspected to verify that work is completed as per construction documents and according to industry standards. Change orders will be reviewed and approved based on construction requirements. Pay requests will be reviewed and approved to ensure that work has been completed and has been performed to specification.


Design Development


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