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City Beverage
Winston-Salem, NC

City Beverage is a Winston Salem, NC, business that has been in existence since the late 1950’s. The business had outgrown the building constructed in the mid-1980’s and required expansion. The addition was a modest 800 square feet, however, the design required continuing the existing design concept by incorporating similar existing finishes to create a homogeneous look. The addition was designed to provide a space intimate for wine and microbrew tasting while allowing adequate displaying of merchandise for sale.


Olympic Family Restaurant

Walnut Cove, Colfax, & Kernersville, North Carolina

Our firm has designed three Olympic Family Restaurants located in the Triad of North Carolina. The Kernersville (completed in 2002), Walnut Cove (completed in 2004), and Colfax (completed in 2008) locations consist of approximately 5,000, 4,900 and 4,700 square feet respectively. The restaurants include a kitchen, main dining, private dining, office, and restrooms.


Time to Eat
Clemmons, NC

Time to Eat Restaurant, located in Clemmons, NC, is a new two story building with approximately 3,000 square feet per floor. The restaurant includes an outdoor dining area and two inside dining areas with booths, tables, and bar seating. The main level includes a grill area while the lower level includes the food prep and food storage areas. The concept of the building was to create an atmosphere of an earlier time and a notion of a diner or soda shop. The site was an infill site along what has become a prosperous corridor in the Town of Clemmons, NC, which many now consider as the “Birth of a Landmark”.


Chang Thai
Winston-Salem, NC

Chang Thai restaurant located in Clemmons, NC, included the design of a space to accommodate a dining area with seating capacity of 118, a small exterior dining area, kitchen/storage, and restrooms. The approximate size of the structure is 2,600 square feet. An up-fit to an existing space within a shopping center is where the restaurant is located and is one of many shopping center up-fits that our firm has designed.



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