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Hane Hosiery Community Center
Winston-Salem, NC

​​Hanes Hosiery Community Center replaced an existing facility constructed during the early 1930’s that had become obsolete. Placed on the site of the former structure, adjacent to the softball field, the new facility consists of 20,000 square foot. The present structure houses a control room, office, game room, computer lab, crafts room, warming kitchen, meeting room, locker rooms, storage, elevated track and a gymnasium that will accommodate 500 people seating capacity. Design of the building will accommodate an additional gymnasium causing little or no disruption of activities. The Center, owned by the City of Winston-Salem, NC, is one of the most utilized recreational facilities in the City.



Jerry E. Jones Clubhouse
Winston-Salem, NC

​​The Jerry E. Jones Clubhouse, located at the beautiful Winston Lake Golf Course, on the eastside of Winston-Salem, NC, was completed in 2001. It consists of a two-story building with 4,500 square feet on the main level and a 4,000 square feet basement that is used for golf cart storage. On the main level, there is a pro shop, office, storage, locker rooms, kitchen/grill, and multipurpose/dining area. On the exterior, a 1,800 square foot covered patio is provided that allows expansion of the multipurpose space for more seating accommodations. Owned by the City of Winston-Salem, intended functions of the facility, in addition to supporting the golf course, are social functions and community gatherings.


Bermuda Run West Clubhouse
Winston-Salem, NC

​A new 14,000 square foot club house located on a newly designed 18-hole golf course in Davie County to compliment the infamous Bermuda Run Country Club was designed and built in 1999. With over 7,000 square feet on the main level, there is a formal dining room with a fireplace, a bar and an elevated veranda overlooking the eighteenth green. A clubhouse manager and assistant office are located at the main entrance. Also found on the main level is a Pro Shop that consists of 500 square feet and public restrooms. The lower level houses cart storage and a maintenance shop. The third level is used for office space and a small conference room.


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