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Bethesda Center Office Building
Winston-Salem, NC

The Bethesda Center Administration Office Building is a new structure owned and operated by a non-profit agency located in Winston-Salem, NC. Our firm designed two resident emergency homeless shelters for the Bethesda Center prior to designing the new office building, which completed in December 2008. The Administration Office Building is a two-story building with a basement consisting of approximately 11,000 square feet. This building provides a day shelter, support spaces, first aid, laundry, and office space for Bethesda Center staff including a conference room, work room and break room.





Lowder Inc.
Winston-Salem, NC

This Lowder Inc. building was a pre-engineered structure consisting of approximately 4,500 square feet. Lowder building houses offices for a grading contractor located in Winston-Salem, NC, which was designed by our firm and construction was complete in spring of 2012. The building consists of a lobby, eight offices, conference room, take off area, break room, storage, server room, restrooms, and janitor’s closet.


Red-E Set Grow
Clemmons, NC

This project is a 4,800 square foot two-story office building. The first level is 2,200 square feet and the second level approximately 1,600 square feet. The building is the home of a software company and is located in Clemmons, NC. The first floor consists of a reception area, office cubicles, equipment room, server room, conference room, break room, and restrooms. The second floor consists of offices, restrooms, mechanical, janitorial, and storage rooms.


Simon G. Atkins CDC
The Enterprise Center
Winston-Salem, NC

The Enterprise Center is a multi-phased project of an existing building, located in Winston-Salem, NC that once housed a Boys’ and Girls’ Club. LEED Silver was awarded to the Second Level space for Commercial Interiors. The Second Level, designed to accommodate office incubator spaces, was the first phase of the project. Twenty-two offices, reception area, small and large conference rooms, business center, restrooms, and supporting space are all a part of the design. Up-fit of the space consists of demolition and installation of new walls, doors, ceilings, and finishes. Complete demolition and installation of plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems were performed.

The Lower Level up-fit, includes major renovations to 14,157 SF and an addition of approximately 762 SF for a new entry and lobby area. Renovation include an in-fill of an existing indoor pool; demolition and installation of approximately 5,156 square feet of new roof over the pool; demolition and installation of walls and ceilings to create office areas, computer labs, restrooms, shower, catering kitchen, server, electrical, and storage. The PME systems were replaced throughout the space. Also included is site work to add and reconfigure existing surface parking, drives and sidewalks.


Simon G. Atkins CDC
Multi-Purpose Space
Winston-Salem, NC

The Enterprise Center Multi-purpose Space, located in Winston-Salem, NC, is a renovation of a former gymnasium located at the Main Level consisting of approximately 6,000 square feet. Limited demolition and renovations allowed the creation of a Space that may be used for meetings, celebrations and other assembly related functions. In addition to the multi-functional space, a kitchen and storage is included. Renovations are the final phase of the Main Level of a multi-phased project.




Forsyth County Environmental Affairs Up-Fit
Winston-Salem, NC

The Forsyth County Environmental Affairs office space is located on the fifth level of the Forsyth County Government Center and consists of approximately 6,600 square feet. The project is an up-fit to a space located in former tobacco factory, located in Winston-Salem, NC, that houses the Forsyth County Governmental Offices. A director’s, office manager’s offices, work cubicles, receptionist, workroom, and labs were design to accommodate the requirements of the responsibilities of the Environmental Affairs Department.





The City Of
Buisnes Park
Winston-Salem, NC

The project included the construction of a pre-engineered one-story structure consisting of approximately 7,500 square feet. The exterior is a combination of metal panels and brick veneer. There is an entry canopy constructed of structural steel with a translucent panel material roof. The space is a shell and included minimal electrical and plumbing rough-ins. 


This building is an attempt by the local municipality to spur growth in what was a blighted area.  The basis of the design was to create a warehouse/ office space that was more upscale than traditional warehouse space.  By providing the mixture of materials, two goals were accomplished; one being providing an aesthetically interesting façade and entrance. Secondly it addressed  the current energy code requirements that are required and have posed challenges for the use of pre-engineered building as it relates to insulation requirements.








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