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History Of Firm

Jimmy L. Norwood, Jr. established an architectural firm in 1995, which today is known as Norwood Architecture & Design, Inc. We are a small firm that realizes quality service is the life and blood  of our firm. Our priority is to provide service throughout the project. Norwood A&D is a firm that treats each project with dedication and thoroughness as if it were our only project. Our livelihood as a small firm is dependent on us performing at a level that will give our clients a peace of mind to understand that we are designing and working in their best interest and intend to do everything required to ensure a quality project.


Norwood Architecture and Design  is  located in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Norwood Architecture & Design has a diverse project portfolio including renovations, educational, offices, religious, and recreational facilities. The owner, Jimmy L. Norwood, Jr. AIA, has practiced architecture in North Carolina for over 30 years. Each project is designed and managed by a registered architect, keeping in mind the desires of the clients.

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